I created this Blog for those people who wanted to work online. I started as a virtual assistant a year ago through www.UpWork.com. I have worked into different BPO companies for almost 6 years.


In order for you to get a lot of clients you should have a better cover letter and a portfolio for all the projects that you've done. Also, you have to have a lot of experiences but that's not required. A lot of people now a day are looking for a home based job because it is more convenient especially to the single moms like me. You can watch your kids; do your thing in the house while working at the same time. Fewer expenses. Why? Because you don't have to set aside for your gas, or for your transportation. You don't have to buy clothes so you won't look like you keep on wearing the same clothes all the time. Make up is not necessary. Whatever you wear is not a problem too.  


In working as a call center representative, it is not necessary if you are holding a college degree. As long as you are a high school graduate. Well, they are some companies that don’t really require a high school diploma. As long as you have the English skills and you are confident enough then you're good.

Here are some lists of the websites that you can sign up and apply: 


Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for finding freelance work. This is where my freelance career started back in 2008


They’ve got lots of openings for virtual assistants, web developers, and many others. People residing from the Philippines who wanted to work home based can go to this site too. They’ve got lots of openings for virtual assistants, web developers, and many others




Not a lot of people go to Craigslist to find a home based job, but this website offers a heap of opportunities. To find a job, go to a local Craigslist page (i.e. Craigslist New York) then choose either ‘Jobs’ or ‘Gigs.’ You’re going to see a long list of job opportunities so just browse through that list until you find one that offers home based work setup.


If you can’t find a job opening yourself, why not get the help of a recruiter? Virtual Staff Finder has home based job openings that suit every skill set. Just sign up and apply to their job listings! Their recruitment specialists will then pair you with potential clients.


This is a new one for me, but you can definitely rely on this recruitment website to find a suitable home based job for you. Just head on over to their Job Openings page and apply!